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Roots Wellness and Med Spa is a clinic who proudly resides in the desirable area of Channelside in Tampa Bay. Roots strives to be the perfect blend of wellness and aesthetics where we encourage subtle ways to enhance natural beautiful features and promote preventive and deeper-rooted treatments to come at aging from all angles. At Roots, we strive to not only provide our patients with the best services on the market but also educate and promote a wellness lifestyle that will keep the aging process and chronic illness at bay. We are seeking like-minded friends to join our family at Roots, so if you are someone who strives to help others feel beautiful, youthful, and well on the inside and out we would love to have you join the Roots Family! We are looking for individuals who are looking to grow “roots” with us!

Prior to beginning her injecting career, Jill worked as a registered nurse in the NICU for 5 years and clinic setting for multiple years while going to school to be a Family Nurse Practitioner. Jill graduated as a Nurse Practitioner in 2019 and shortly after that started her career in aesthetic medicine.

Jill values her patients and can’t wait to meet new ones! She is so excited for this journey and for you all to come see her at The Skin Clinic.

Favicon Roots Wellness and Medspa in Tampa, Florida.

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