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Sculptra is a non-invasive collagen biostimulator used to improve skin laxity on the face and neck that does not require incisions or lasers. By stimulating collagen production in your body, Sculptra injections make your face and neck look more natural and youthful than other injectables that can weaken facial muscles or simply fill in empty spaces. Since injections work gradually over time to encourage collagen growth, the results are subtle and last longer since they build on previous injections. Over the course of a few months, the average client receives three treatments. A Sculptra treatment can provide a naturally youthful, refined appearance that lasts for up to two years.

The benefits of Sculptra include:

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Sculptra- Full Face

Pricing: Starting at $900

Sculptra is injected into areas of the face such as the temples, cheeks, smile lines, jawline, etc. The injection helps stimulate collagen in the area to strengthen and tighten the skin. This is also a perfect solution to naturally address volume loss in the face. A series of 3 treatments is typically recommended. Results last 2-3 years.


Sculptra is a volumizing treatment made of poly-l-lactic acid that stimulates the body to produce new collagen to replace lost volume.

Immediately following your treatment, there may be swelling in the affected area, causing the area to appear fuller. After a few days, however, the swelling will disappear, making it appear as if you didn’t have a procedure. After your Sculptra injections, your body will start producing collagen. After three weeks, most people notice a difference. After your Sculptra injections, your results will continue to improve for about three months.

Sculptra has an FDA approval to last up to two years, but may last longer, depending on the patient.

After Sculptra treatment, you should not have any downtime; however, you may experience some temporary swelling, redness, and bruising.

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