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How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Actually Last?

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Actually Last | Roots Wellness and Medspa in Tampa, Florida

Laser hair removal is one of the most technologically advanced medical aesthetics treatments. There are many questions surrounding the procedure – including how it works, how long before the results manifest, or how long the effects last. This post will answer all the basic questions surrounding laser hair removal.

What is the Roots Wellness and Medspa Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

You can eliminate your ongoing desire to shave and wax undesirable facial and body hair by getting the laser hair removal treatment at Roots Wellness and Medspa in Tampa, FL. Laser hair removal makes it possible to permanently and safely eliminate unwanted hair anywhere on the body while leaving the skin feeling and appearing smooth.

How Does the Laser Hair Removal Treatment Work?

Roots Wellness and Medspa emit light energy directed at the hair shafts and follicles using the Cynosure Elite Plus laser equipment. Laser heat radiation is absorbed by the pigments (also known as melanin, the chemical that gives the skin and hair their distinctively darker color) in the hair follicles and shafts. The hair follicles and shafts are burned by heat energy, which reduces their capacity to produce new hair.

Because the laser only targets high concentrations of melanin in hair follicles and shafts, your skin will be safe from potential burns.

The hair follicle typically produces more pigment and absorbs more heat energy during the anagen, or active growth phase, boosting its likelihood to respond to treatment. Therefore, numerous treatments are usually necessary to achieve the best results; it is essential to “catch” your hair during this active development phase.

How Long Do the Laser Hair Removal Effects Last?

Laser hair removal should be permanent if you get a touch-up once a year after your initial treatments. However, you may notice regrowth years after your initial treatments. If there is any regrowth, the hair strands will be lighter in color and more delicate in texture.

These new hair strands’ follicles probably developed after your initial treatment. Follicles targeted by the laser hair removal treatment won’t be able to grow new hairs; only newly developed follicles can grow hair at the treatment region.

Is the Treatment Painful?

Some patients report feeling slight stinging sensations similar to rubber bands snapping on their skin. But aside from that, Roots Wellness and Medspa laser hair removal is mostly painless. To help ease the potential pains of the treatment, we may apply a numbing gel before the laser treatment, particularly if we are treating a sensitive area.

This device’s laser energy is directed only at the pigmented hair follicles and shafts, thanks to its highly accurate targeting technology. This technique doesn’t heat the skin; it won’t burn.

What to Expect After the Treatment?

You might anticipate the following things following each laser hair removal procedure.

Rapid Hair Growth

The treated area may see a rapid increase in hair growth. If you begin to grow hair immediately following the surgery, it does not always indicate that the procedure was ineffective. The body is pulling those hairs out of the skin; they are not growing back.

Skin Sensitivity

After laser therapy, your skin will be more sensitive than usual. You should constantly avoid the sun for a few days after the treatment; always wear sunscreen and moisturizer. The laser treatment doesn’t require downtime, so you can resume your day as soon as you leave our office.

Side Effects

Even though laser hair removal is safe and only slightly uncomfortable, there are unfavorable effects. The potential negative consequences of laser hair removal include the following.

Skin inflammation: The most frequent side effect of laser hair removal is skin irritation. Indications of skin irritation include redness, swelling, and discomfort. These temporary side effects of laser hair removal disappear within a few hours.

If the symptoms of skin irritation become overwhelming, use moisturizers that are appropriate for sensitive skin to reduce inflammation. Ask a professional what to do if skin irritation persists long after the operation. Scratching the skin should be avoided as it may cause more problems.

Skin-tone changes: After the treatment, your skin’s color may change – either getting darker or lighter. These changes might be temporary or permanent. If you wish to avoid these unpleasant side effects, you must discuss what to do and not do before and after the therapy with your therapist.

Other seldom-occurring side effects of laser hair removal include skin tone alterations and skin irritability. These adverse effects include blistering, scarring, crusting, or other skin texture changes. It’s also possible that the treated area will periodically experience sporadic hair graying.

How to Get the Most Out of the Laser Hair Removal

You must follow specific steps to get the most satisfactory laser hair removal treatment results. These steps will help you avoid severe side effects and enhance the effects of the procedure.

Shave the Treatment Area

Within 24 hours after the treatment, shave the treated area. By doing this, you can avoid undesirable thermal damage or burns.

Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure or Tanning Beds

The dark-colored hair follicles in the skin are the focus of laser hair removal technologies. The laser system is confused by dark skin since it targets high concentrations of melanin. Excessive sun exposure before receiving a laser hair removal treatment increases the chance of developing burns.

Refrain from Waxing or Plucking Hairs Before Laser Hair Removal

Follicles are required for laser hair removal. The laser burns the hair follicles by attacking them, stopping further hair growth. When you go in for laser hair removal, the procedure will not be effective if there are no follicles in the treatment area.

Avoid Scratching the Treated Area

Keep your hands off the skin following the operation. After a laser hair removal session, the skin becomes more sensitive. It will require one or two weeks to heal.

The skin can become damaged by excessive rubbing or scratching. Scars could develop. Never rub or scratch the skin following treatment, no matter what happens.

Moisturize the Skin

If swelling occurs, put an ice pack wrapped in a soft rag. Apply a light layer of moisturizing lotion to the skin.

Get the Laser Hair Removal Treatment from Roots Wellness and Medspa

Working with a professional is the best approach to maximizing the benefits of a laser hair removal treatment. Working with a specialist gives you all the information you need before the procedure. Call Roots Wellness and Medspa at 813-202-1085, or email us at [email protected].


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